On site destruction is an irreversible process, whereby documents cannot be read or used, but can be recycled. In using the Katana service you recycle in all safety. Every evening our trucks discharge in the Swiss recycling plants and the produce is immediate baled.

In addition, Katana delivers you a certificate with the volume destroyed. Once the destruction is finished, Katana submits a certificate the name of your enterprise, the location where the operation took place, the date and the number of kg destroyed. This certificate vouches for the request to eliminate documents and highlights the increase in security in the management of your documents.


  • One ton of Katana destroyed paper = 17 trees salvaged
  • An annual certificate remitted to the customer stating the volume of paper recycled.
  • Transfer and discharge of trucks immediately to the recycling unit
  • Click here to see a recycling certificate sample


  • Certificate on request
  • A NAID certified certificate

Do you have archives, confidential documents or hard-drives to destroy?